The look denied

To deny is to exclude, and the look does not appear here as a metaphor for seeing, but as a matter of knowing, of deeming what is worth taking into account.

The old, the sick, the dying, disabled or vulnerable people: so many people that modern society refuses to look at.

Basta (“Enough”), 2017

Installation in favour of a dignified death, which poses the ethical problem of the moral legitimacy of futile medical care.
Installation: Guillermo Forchino
Cinematographer: Arturo Marinho

Moribund nature
in red socks,

Watching the time go by
in the twilight of one’s life.

Party at the hospice, 2008

Depicts an elderly lady
sadly waiting for a birthday
that will never be celebrated.
This work expresses the solitude
of old age and the abandonment
of elderly people in places
where they are confined to die.

Falcon verde, 2009

The expression “Falcon verde” remains engraved in the collective memories of Argentinians as a symbol of State terror.
This piece makes reference to the arbitrary abductions during the years
of the military dictatorship in Argentina.
Sculpture: Guillermo Forchino
Cinematographer: Arturo Marinho

Process of destruction
of the middle class,

This video artwork, a metaphor for the destruction of the Argentinian
middle class, shows us rats slowly devouring three characters who
remain impassive, without reacting before such voracity.
Artwork-video: Guillermo Forchino
Video editing: Diego Pittaluga