The Series
«Me ne frego»

Forests are burning, lakes and rivers are drying up, the earth is becoming a desert, plastic waste is colonising the waters while oil slicks invade oceans and land. Nothing escapes pollution.

The series «Me ne frego» («I don’t care») illustrates the deterioration of the environment through scenes with biting irony. Forchino portrays the bodies of idiosyncratic bathers, both endearing and loathsome, enjoying their free time in the middle of the ecocide that has been declared.

Me ne frego, 2019

Portrayal of oil spills
from an angle which
fluctuates between comical
and tragic.

Impassive, 2019

The impassive gaze
of an observer at
water pollution.

Celsius, 2020

48.9° Celsius
is the extreme temperature
reached on 4th January 2020
in the suburbs of Sydney,
during the forest fires
that devastated Australia
that year.

Don’t rock the boat, 2019

Depicts the carefree
attitude of a swimmer
diving into a sea full
of plastic waste.

Sunbathing on
Lake Aculeo,

The dry and cracked bed
of the Chilean Lake Aculeo,
a summer recreation spot
just a few years ago,
illustrates the alarming problem
of desertification and
soil degradation.